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Mirror 3
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furniture,   mirrors,    tables,    lampsporcelain
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home – office – garden – café – hotel-restaurant


Welcome to our store. In a very friendly and hospitable place filled with beautiful furniture- antiques. Pesmazoglou store has a many year history and experience in antique sales, since the store is a family company that passes through, from one to the other generation.



A great variety of furniture and items of another, magestic era. Sofa and armchairs with velvet fabrics, mirrors with complicated cravings show admiration and nostalgia. A quick look will convince you.


As modern as your house might be, we are sure that you will find more than a piece of furniture ideal for it, so as the present mixed with the past. Admire the finesse and the glory that is revealed.


Lamps, reading lamps with fine carvings will enlight your rooms. You can help you to deside what to choose according to your needs. You only have to admire your new buy.